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The Green Bay area included in Zone 4 boasts a large number of licensed class 2 and 3 rivers for fly fishing with phenomenal success rates for Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout.

Salmon Fishing:

The salmon run begins in June with a season opening date of June 1 and a closing date of September 7 for Zone 4. The daily retention rate is two fish with seasonal limits of four and two fish for classes 2 and 3 respectively. The catch and release program provides an opportunity for an extended sport fishing season. Our well-managed rivers are unspoiled and uncrowded. Wild Atlantic Salmon grow to enormous sizes and are free of contaminants. They are prized both for their spirit and fighting ability as well as their delicate flavor.

Trout Fishing:

Sea-run and Brook Trout.

Sea-run trout are comparable to salmon in flavor and provide a favorable additional option for salmon fishers when on the river. A great number of our Brooks and ponds have healthy trout stocks, our coldwater trout are a vigorous and wild fighting sports fish
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Atlantic Salmon


Atlantic Salmon

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